Air Top Evo 55 Diesel Vehicle Universal Kit 12v

Webasto Air Top Evo 55 Diesel 12V Universal Vehicle Kit

A new generation in air heating technology!

This model, together with its smaller cousin, the Air Top Evo 40, represent the very latest in design and are the product of several years of research and improvements on the Air Top Evo 3900/5500; the model it is replacing.

Although the unit looks the same as the previous model, there are many new features incorporated under the covers, together with re-programming of the ECU that mark a great leap forward in air heating.

some of the features include:

Increase in heater output from a lowered fan RPM – Lower power comsumption from the batteries and lower noise levels
New ECU featuring innovative control logic – better fuel efficiency and flame detection
New fuel dosing pump featuring Intelligent drive – Up to 12dB reduction in noise output
New exhaust gas temperature sensor – closer monitoring of the burning process
Automatic boost – The heater will automatically step up to 100% output when it is needed, and will reduce when required temperature is reached. The Evo 55 will run at 100% for 1 hour, if required to do so, whereas the model it replaces used to boost, if selected, for 40 minutes.
New lower voltage thresholds on start-up – less problems with older, worn batteries.
In-built altitude sensor – combustion air fan rpm is increased at higher altitudes to ensure optimum combustion of gases in thinner air
New air temperature sensor – sleek and modern design
Kit comes complete with:

Air Top Evo 55 12V Diesel heater
Rotary rheostat control with fault flash indicator
DP42 Fuel pump
Wiring harness
Fuel line and ‘T’ piece connector

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