LPG Installs & Servicing

(Converting your car to Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a simple process, that will save you money on your fuel bills and reduces the environmental impact of your vehicle. Liquefied Petroleum Gas is a mixture of propane and butane. Autogas is the referred name when used as a vehicle fuel. The simple chemical make up of the gases ensures that they are clean burning.

LPG is recognised worldwide as being environmentally friendlier than conventional fuels. Therefore does not attract the same levels of fuel duty. Therefore the fuel savings are considerable. With over 14 million vehicles running on Autogas globally. It is by far the most popular alternative to petrol and diesel.

LPG liquefies at atmospheric temperature if moderately compressed and reverts to a gas when the pressure is sufficiently reduced. This is advantageous when transporting and storing the fuel in the liquid state, in which it is roughly 250 times as dense as when gaseous.

We Love LPG

If you would like to find out more about the saving of running your vehicle dual fuel with LPG, then please use our enquiry form to request further information specific to your vehicle. We have been converting vehicles in the Essex region for over 10 years. We do not use pressure sale tactics and all advice is without obligation! Let us help you understand the benefits and costs today.

Service and Maintenance

Servicing of an LPG system is recommended at 12,000 miles or 12 months intervals.

We replace the liquid and vapour filters and fully check the system. This includes checking the fuel trims and carrying out leak tests. The mechanic checks the tuning and the vehicle then goes for a road test. We log the service on the UK LPG online database.

For most of our LPG customers we look after the normal vehicle servicing and can offer a 10% overall discount when we carry both services together. 

Conversion Process

At first, we will speak to customers after inspecting it about options of LPG tank sizes and locations. From there we can see if your vehicle will require valve care system. When your vehicle is with us we will look at the location of the filler. Our mechanic will ask where you would prefer the changeover switch mounted. Sometimes locations can only physically go in one place. However we will advise you on this when we have seen the vehicle.

Vehicle Testing

Prior to starting the conversion we will carry out an emission check and engine diagnostic to report any faults. As the dual fuel LPG system relies on the petrol engine to be running 100%.

Vehicle Servicing and Maintenance

We will require your car for approx 3 days depending on complexity and do have a loan vehicle whilst your conversion is being done. When you collect your car we will show you how to operate the system, give you the LPG driver manual and a leaflet on filling the car with autogas. We take great pride in the after care service we provide to keep your LPG vehicle running smoothly.

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