Light commercial vehicles are on the move in all weathers, making sure that people and products arrive safely at their destinations. As they are also mobile workplaces, the driver must be able to rely on the on-board technology, especially with heating and air-conditioning systems. These guarantee comfort and safety. Webasto solutions ensure a comfortable working climate both in the interior and in loading spaces, even without the engine running. This also helps reduce engines idling times. The lower fuel consumption increases economic efficiency and protects the environment through lower emissions.


Comfortable warmth in the driver’s cabin during breaks and overnight stay. A cab that is cosy warm even before starting work, a clear view without ice and snow – and all that with easy installation and handling. Air heaters make your vehicles more comfortable, efficient and cost-effective, fit for work no matter how cold the temperature is outside!
The air heaters heat up the air directly in the heater and bring it into the cabin. Air Top air heaters are designed for the fast and economical heating of drivers’ cab and interior and for the regulation of temperatures in cargo holds. Webasto air heater range includes models starting with an output range of 0.9 up to 22 kW.


Cold engines work inefficiently; wear increases and the useful life decreases. For you that means higher fuel consumption combined with higher costs.  The best solution is the installation of a Webasto water heater.
The water heater is integrated into the engine’s coolant circuit and brings the engine up to operating temperature even before it’s started.  So the engine start guarantees even at low outside temperatures.  Furthermore, the driver’s cab is pleasantly pre-heated.   This eliminates the need for fuel-intensive idling while stationary and during rest breaks.

Webasto water heater range starts at models with output range of 2.2 right up to 35 kW.


We offer a variety of system controls, ranging from the basic rheostat type temp control to full digital climate unit. These can also link to a remote receiver that takes commands from an Ios and Android Apps
Please contact sales for any information you need on any heating products. Tel 01376 500660