Automotive electricians assess vehicles and find faults using diagnostic testing equipment. They also install and repair electrical and electronic equipment. This can be in passenger and commercial vehicles to marine, and in mining equipment.

What does a vehicle electrician do?

Vehicle, or auto electricians, are the brains behind the electronic locking system, radio and electric windows in your car. Fitting and installing all types of electrical and electronic systems.

As the technology we put into our cars gets more complex, the need for vehicle electricians increases. Most modern cars and motorbikes will have a wide range of electronic equipment controlling all aspects of its performance, so as a vehicle electrician you will spend a lot of time under the bonnet checking and testing wiring.

Also from in-car security devices to digital dashboard displays, as a vehicle electrician you will be proficient in dealing with all things electric. Your role will be varied and hands-on, taking readings, repairing faulty parts and reading electrical wiring plans.

As an auto electrician, you can often choose to specialise in light vehicles such as cars, vans and motorbikes, or heavy vehicles like lorries, buses and coaches. Other electricians may choose to concentrate on one particular car manufacturer or vehicle model.