Split air-conditioning

Fistly, the Fresco 3000, a DC powered air-conditioning system, which works while the vehicle’s engines turned off. Secondly, developed for truck sleeper cabs this unit can be used in many applications see our case studies to see how we used it in a sleeper pod install with the main condenser unit boxed internally. The Fresco 3000 reduces the inside cabin temperature as well as lowering the internal humidity level. In addition, the unit consists of a condenser which is mounted on the external rear wall of the cabin and the evaporator which is installed on the internal cabin wall. Also the split design offers maximum flexibility in positioning the separate components. In addition, the lightweight and low profile design means that the unit is suitable for most applications, without compromising fuel load or chassis space.


  • 12V & 24V DC
  • Cooling capacity 950W / 3250 BTU/hr max A/c
  • Single Danfoss BD350 compressor
  • Light weight only 23 kg (condenser 18 kg, evaporator 5kg)
  • Digital control panel with programmable timer
  • Multi function remote control
  • 6 Speed fan
  • 4 adjustable and closable vents
  • Low battery voltage cut out
  • Low maintenance
  • Very low noise
  • Low profile – slim line design
  • Minimal intrusion on rear wall during installation (i.e. single small hole cut out)



exploded fresco

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