Roof & Shelf Mounted AC Unit

Roof & Shelf Mounted AC Unit

Shelf Mounted Evaporators -We Install a range of integrated systems that consistently ensures an ideal climate for commercial vehicles. We install Roof & Shelf Mounted AC Unit. From mini buses to specialty vehicles, for example, police, ambulances, fire engines, agricultural and construction industry vehicles.

Webasto climate control systems commonly have the evaporator mounted on the shelf above the driver, however possible installs under the dashboard or roof, in the vehicle ceiling or vertically. In addition we offering high-efficiency, high-durability fans and blowers that produce a constant airflow, these air-conditioning solutions are reliable and have an extensive service life.
A variety of accessories and kits are available for vehicle-specific installation including rooftop or under-chassis condensers, control units, air vents, ducts and the right installation kits.

  • Air-conditioning solutions delivering cooling performance of 4.0 to 11.9 kW
  • Versatile options for installation positions facilitate optimum integration in various vehicle designs
  • High thermodynamic efficiency in terms of unit’s overall dimensions
  • Durable, highest quality components sourced from proven series production
  • Require very low maintenance


Roof mounted air-conditioning unit

Roof mounted air-conditioning units, which is commonly found as leisure units on motor homes and horseboxes. We have used these units on mobile offices and in dog grooming vehicles, see one of these in our case studies where the client needed a 240v operated unit on a mains hook up only to pre cool and preheat the back of the van before dog grooming . Inverters with a DC kit can run the roof mounted unit and it’s also possible from small generator sets.


Diavia Evap

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