Climate Control Systems

Our climate control systems offers fully automatic control on temperatures inside of the vehicle. By using a digital controller the user can set a desired temperature, they can use heating or cooling modes. The air conditioning is normally an addition of the original vehicles. The heater can be either a water or air type depending on the application.

Working dog vehicles

Heat weakens animals. The normal body temperature for a dog is around 38˚C. They can only endure a rise in body temperature for a short time before overheating and eventually heat stroke can occur.

Vehicles interior temperatures can easily soar to over 45˚C. When the ambient is only around 20˚C. Vehicles used to transport working dogs or other animals should have additional air conditioning. To ensure enough air is in the vehicle, they should have electric extract fans installed. This also reduces the level of humidity in the air. Its can also is a benefit to dry wet animals and equipment.